Fit For A Mom

My ramblings of balancing my passions… fitness, family, & entrepreneurship.

Turning Over A New Leaf… February 2, 2012

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It has been a while once again since I have written a post. In this time, I have graduated with my MBA and now trying to figure out what is next in the journey. As I am a “list-maker” I have made a list for goals that I want to achieve this year. One that is very near and dear to me, is the revival of this blog. Closely intertwined with that is my involvement once again within the wellness community through speaking, writing, product testing and most importantly, encouraging. Thoughts are also floating around out there to start a running program for moms online and in person. What a journey I have taken – two years to further my education and learn even more about myself and how I want to create my life, on my terms. This translates into redesigning my blog, working on my logo and determining what direction I want to take “my brand.” Stay tuned!


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