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I Have What In My Food? American’s Love Affair With Food Additives. December 5, 2011

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I have talked in a previous post about making my children’s lunch and the array of junk out there.  As a marketing professional I am sickened at the way that companies are reaching out to our youngest members of society with the idea that “fruity puffs” and  “coco snaps” are good for you.  It is manipulation for the dollar in its basic form.  That my friends, I will save for another post.  Right now I want to touch upon those particular ingredients in the “fruity puffs” and “coco snaps” that is a staple in our children’s diets.

For centuries, humans used natural preservatives like salt, vinegar and sugar in order to preserve and improve the taste of meat, fish, fruits and vegetables.  But, the 20th century brought us artificial ingredients to replace these tried and true ingredients.

Not to play on your intelligence, we all know that artificial means not natural.  Artificial ingredients are made through human manipulation.  Most artificial ingredients are derived from petroleum, coal tar or corn processing.  Artificial ingredients were introduced into the food supply in order to extend shelf life and reduce the cost of food.  These ingredients have no nutritive value and can be found in almost everything that you buy from a conventional grocery store. This of course is closely intertwined with various economic factors that are too widespread to discuss here.  Bottom line is that the longer manufacturers can keep food, the more they can make and the greater quantity equals greater production amounts.

Artificial ingredients include artificial sweeteners and artificial coloring, including food dye and artificial preservatives. Some of the most common are: FD&C Blue #1 & 2, yellow #5, and red #40, just to name a few.

What is more disturbing is that FDA standards do not currently require labels to reflect how much of the preservative is used in the product. This translates into the fact that you have NO idea how much you are truly ingesting. Interesting food for thought…

An easy solution to this is “clean eating.” Simply put, this means eating a food as close to it’s natural state as possible. Choosing a banana instead of a bag of chips for an afternoon snack would be a simple example. The closer you are to nature, the better you will feel in the long run.

To your health!