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Adventures with BOB July 8, 2009

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I have tested several strollers and the BOB Revolution by far is one of the more superior brands. The BOB has everything a fit mom is looking for – functionality, durability, and style. While I was still pregnant, I started talking with other moms and dads who had the BOB. Quite frankly, I saw the BOB’s around and heard conversation here and there but wanted to investigate myself. I had to see what the big deal was about this stroller that was named after some guy named Bob, I suppose? Going to I started comparing the different models and discovered that the Revolution is a nice hybrid model. I knew that I would be running with my baby in this stroller but also I would need something to take to the farmer’s market as well. The Revolution fit the bill.

My son and I have put this stroller through many adventures — sand, dirt, grass, and gravel just to name a few. Oh yea, I forgot the time that we ran through the sprinkler after a long run and we both squealed with delight. Me over the cooling water hitting my hot and sweaty skin, and my babe over the fact that his mom was temporarily going crazy.

The greatest feature about the BOB is that you are able to “lock” or “unlock” the front wheel. Lock in place to use as a traditional jogger or unlock, and the wheel is able to swivel and maneuver you through narrow store aisles. Unlike some of the other strollers, the BOB is manufactured to above and beyond industry standards. It boasts a suspension system, welded frame, durable fabric, a full canopy which provides maximum sun protection. The BOB Revolution is one stroller that is “fit for a mom”. Kudo’s to the guys and gals at BOB for such a great product!


Fit For A Mom Is Born July 5, 2009

Fit For A Mom…what exactly is it and what is it about? It is the brainchild (maybe not but it sounds good, doesn’t it?) idea of me, an average mom, who just happens to be active and is raising her children that way as well. I have scoured the Internet for information on products and services to help moms who have made the choice to be fit and active a little more easier. I have found blogs and websites that talk about baby products in general, fitness products for women, prenatal fitness, maternity workout clothes, baby jogger reviews, workout clothes in general, but really nothing that could or would be a nice mix of all the above and more! What I was looking for was a truly unique mix of what a fit mom really needs on all levels. Not to mention throwing in my own thoughts of the highs and lows of raising a fit family when a McDonald’s lurks around every corner and threatens all my hard work!

Fit For A Mom is just that. A place where we look at products and services that help the everyday mom achieve a fitter, more healthier lifestyle. Easier. Thus being Fit For A Mom.

I say “we” because I want feedback from you, other like-minded moms trying to live the fit, active life with and for their children. Together we can find the best products and services out there that are Fit For A Mom! If you have a product or come across a product that you’d like to spotlight, just drop me a line at:

Sit back and enjoy!